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Saving Oscar's Home

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Our 501(c)3 nonprofit organization was founded to raise funds to secure, purchase and restore historic Highland Farm in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Our ultimate vision is to build a museum open to the public with a strong theatre education program that will provide underserved communities the opportunity to pursue their passions in theatre.  

Oscar Hammerstein’s message of inclusion and acceptance, so beautifully illustrated in many of his lyrics, is as relevant today as when he wrote these unforgettable songs. Now more than ever, it is imperative that we achieve our goal of raising funds to purchase, restore, and preserve Oscar Hammerstein’s former home and creative epicenter to make it accessible to people the world over. 

Key target milestones and cost estimates are as follows:


PHASE 1: Obtain Nonprofit Status and Municipal Approval - COMPLETED


PHASE 2: Secure Highland Farm Property – $2,000,000 - COMPLETED

  • Complete Preliminary Land Planning. 

  • Purchase Highland Farm property including the historic home and barn on 4.9 acres.


PHASE 3: Land Development and Home Restoration – $1,500,000 (2023-2024)

  • Prepare physical infrastructure for public use including land excavation, stormwater management, parking lot, landscaping, and exterior lighting.

  • Prepare home for museum use including repairing or replacing roofs, wrap around porch, balcony, electrical, and plumbing, and installing HVAC, lighting, and security system.

  • Curate, design, and install museum displays and secure staffing.


PHASE 4: Barn Restoration and Repurposing – $1,500,000+

  • Prepare historic barn for use as a welcome center and theatre education space.

  • Construct all major structural elements including foundation, floor, walls, and roof.

  • Install new operating systems including electrical plumbing, and HVAC.

  • Design and construct classroom/studios, recording studio, interactive displays, gift shop, and welcome center.

  • Plan and fund educational center programming.

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