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Align to Existing Features:Align to the most commonly used features in your drawings, without having to manually determine which features are most commonly used. This will allow you to achieve the best alignment quickly and easily.Mouse navigation:Use the new mouse navigation, which brings you back to your original view.Improved Keyboard Input:Control 3D viewport settings from the Keyboard.Enhanced 3D Modeling:The New 3D Modeling tools let you draw with intuitive gestures.Introduction to the Review Panel:View and edit changes made to the drawing without having to open a new drawing.A Dynamic Layout:Move the drawing window itself to any position, without the need to scroll.Enhanced Feature Navigation:Use the feature list to quickly access important controls.Improved Links and References:Link and reference drawings or files to your drawing.2D Outliner:Use the Outliner to create and edit groupings of objects.Scalable Coloring:Make your drawings more readable by changing the scale of object colors.New Navigator:The new Navigator lets you visually set your desired location.Hoverline:Use the new Hoverline tool to create straight, curved, and angular lines for your artwork.Clicking and Drawing:Tap to switch between erasing, drawing, and creating arcs and lines.Drawing Styles:Quickly apply new drawing styles to your drawings.Extending:Scale, transform, and animate objects in your drawings.PowerTracing:Integrate 3D models with 2D drawings.Spline Tool:Draw splines to create new paths, convert old curves to splines, and apply a finishing spline.2D Drafting Tools:Draw freehand curves and select curves for precise editing.2D Wireframe Tools:Create and edit 2D surfaces quickly and easily.2D Photo-In-Camera Tools:Use the Photo-In-Camera tools to quickly and easily add photos to your drawings.Measurement Mode:Take quick measurements with the new measurement mode.Application Setup:Use the new Application Setup dialog to quickly setup a new drawing.Batch Tr 2be273e24d


AutoCAD [32|64bit] (April-2022)

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