Saving Oscar's Home

In 2006, a local developer obtained approval to subdivide Oscar Hammerstein’s historic Highland Farm property into residential lots. Despite its National Register of Historic Places designation, the house and barn are in jeopardy and could be demolished, erasing this national treasure from the map.


Our 501(c)3 nonprofit organization was founded to raise funds to secure, purchase and restore the historic property. Our ultimate vision is to build a museum open to the public. Our initial target is to raise $2 million. The community is excited and we’ve made good progress to date, but we are at a critical turning point. Unless $2 million is raised soon, the property is in danger of being turned over to the developer.


Non-Profit Status & Municipal Approval

$100 K (by 2019)

  • Obtained 501(c)3 designation (completed)

  • Conducted professional feasibility study (completed)

  •  Obtain engineering planning designs and legal assistance

  • Secure final Township approval for museum use



Highland Farm Property

estimated cost $2 MM

(by 2020)

  • Purchase Highland Farm property (historic home & barn on 4.9 acres)

  • Satisfy all legal, engineering, and other regulatory requirements


Establish the Hammerstein Museum

estimated cost $3 MM

(by 2021)

  • Restore home and barn to support new museum use

  • Curate, design, and install museum displays

  • Secure staffing, develop robust community enrichment programs